March Is National Craft Month!

Welcome to March!

So it is National Craft Month! Will you be crafting more or less this month? I am hoping to be crafting more, much more! I need to get several signs done and get my Easter cards going ASAP!

There is an interesting new site you should check out. I forget how I found it exactly…I think I was looking at several different craft places and came across it.

Not only is this a new site, Cre8time is also a Movement! Get your family, friends & crafting buddies involved and get crafting! I am only mentioning this site because I came across it and thought it was interesting and wanted to share with you.

Happy Crafting This Month :) 


I Mustache You…

Sorry I have fallen behind with actually posting what I’ve been creating in my craft room! I’ve become more active & involved in my husband’s Command and it’s been stealing some of my time,lol!

I hope you all had a wonderful & Happy Valentine’s Day! Not sure what it’s like in your neck of the woods, but here in Japan the snow is falling! I am loving it of course!

Back in November my husband along with a bunch of other men in his Command committed to growing their beards/mustaches out for the whole month, trimming them of course to keep within regulations. It was rather amusing. For one, I hate facial hair.

So when I saw that Cricut Craft Room sold and exclusive “mini” digital cartridge with several to choose from, including glasses, I knew I had to have it in my collection.

I had seen some other cards/crafts making use of the whole Mustache You “thing”. I know many of you out there either don’t get it, think it’s silly or stupid..but that is okay! I am glad we are all different and can express ourselves as such.

I came up with this idea and in the end it was perfect, I think. Daniel loved it! On the inside it says “Will You Be My Valentine?”

Did you make your Valentine or anyone you love a card or craft this year?


Valentines’s Day Door Sign


I decided not to drag out my light box for taking pictures of my Valentine’s door sign, but I should have,lol. The lighting in my craft room is a mixture of warm & bright, which was where the first picture was taken. The second picture was taken in our Tower hall, after I hung the sign on our door…the lighting out there is like a bright hospital. So, in case you are wondering that IS why they both look so different color wise.

I am thrilled with my cute, little sign. No one around here does anything to their Tower doors…so plain, boring I think. The type that seem to are usually the crafty type and I have several people like that in my Tower and they too have made a sign for their door…at least I *think* they made them,lol.

I actually used a Cricut Cake cartridge after seeing this heart was on it. Both heart’s are cut at 11 by 10 inches. The phrase was cut at 8 by 3 inches. It was a quick & fun little craft that I made in about 45 minutes.


Connected Birthday

I absolutely love black and white together! I’ve honestly never made just a black and white card either. So these last few days I’ve been stumped. Really stumped about making a teen boy/male card. I scoured the internet for ideas and of course I either did not have a certain cartridge or stamp.

I thought about all my brothers hobbies & interests and went through all 80+ cartridges I own and could not settle on a thing after 3 hours…so I walked away from it last night.

Today I broke down and bought the Cricut Cartridge Cursive 101. It had a computer on it. My almost 15 year old brothers is very much into computers & gaming. I chose to go with black and white because of how I see my brother and I find it, crisp, cool & clean.

I did forget to ink the edges of the white matt in which I am kind of bummed about but I got ahead of myself when I was assembling it…then it was too late! The “Happy Birthday” was cute from Cricut Cartridge Beyond Birthdays.

Now tomorrow I will start on my Valentines Day projects!


Cherry On Top!

I think I finally have a crafting “goal” for this year. As I sit in my craft room and create…I think about how I do like the cards I am making, they are for those I love. BUT..there is major room for improvement. Clean and simple is okay but I feel and desire to do “more”. Does that make sense?

So, I think my goal this year is to find my own “style”! To step out of my box and work harder to put more of me into what I create. I guess I am challenging myself and so now I have put it out there,lol.

This birthday card is for my mother. It is clean, it is simple and I know my mother with love it. I am please with how the cherry came out on top of the piece of cake. I thought it was entirely to plain and decided glitter was a great idea.

I have been using the Cricut Cartridge “Sweet Treats” and I’ve enjoyed playing around with it. I have one more birthday card to make and I am not sure if I will continue to use Sweet Treats or something else! Check back tomorrow to see!


First Card Of 2013

Hmmm, how sad…My 1st card of 2013 and it is almost February,lol! Oh well, all that matters is that my craft room is in order and is neat, clean. It is a joy now to walk past my craft room and actually have the door open and I can see all my goodies!

This card is what I guess some would consider CAS (clean and simple). It was fun to put together! This card is for my 20- something brother Jacob. He shares this month with my mother. Really, I think there is only 1 month there are no birthdays in my immediate family…maybe 2.

So how are you enjoying your 2013 so far? Mine has been different, not exactly what I was expecting, but I am thankful it is only the beginning of the new year, with great things to come!

(The Cuts Come From Cricut Cartridge Sweet Treats)


Cricut Cartridges: Christmas Edition

I did promise to be in my craft room this new year & well…here I am, sort of! I hope so far you’ve been crafting tons!! I can not believe we are almost through January!!

I finally was able to get in my craft room and I organized it and moved stuff around and “tried” to make room for all the crafting goodies I received at Christmas. Today I am on the hunt for one more piece of furniture…be it a bookshelf or table of sorts…then I will not have any more room in there for any kinds of surfaces,lol.

So, now that is a tad later in the afternoon, I went on my hunt for the last thing to fit into my craft room and no such luck for me! As I live in Japan, it is not always as easy as running to a store to find and get what I need. Sometimes I just wish I had a Walmart or Target I could run to.

I found a very tall & deep shelf that would work perfectly I think. Sadly there will not be any in stock till maybe the 2nd week of February!

Anyways, I got lot’s of wonderful crafty goodies at Christmas from my love! Today I am sharing with you the Cricut Cartridges I received! I got a nice selection of them and my “collection” is coming along nicely and I love having so much variety in cartridges too. Did you get any Cricut Cartridges for Christmas?


Happy New Year!!

I’ll See You Soon, In My Craft Room!!


Happy Halloweenish Birthday

Looks like this is my only Halloween type craft/card I will have to show you for this year. I have been in my craft room as well as my friends recently but it seems many things have stopped me or as in the case of my Halloween cards I made, I was late getting them done & out the door and have no pictures of them! Sorry.

Aside from that I am getting ready to go on a girls vacation to Guam with a friend. We will be spending a few days in Tokyo before our flight to Guam where will then spend 1 week there. I am hoping and praying for the least amount of rains while there but it won’t stop us!

This card is on the larger side, I believe I cut it at 6×6 inches. Since this friend’s birthday is close to Halloween I wanted to add a little halloweenish touch to it. We both adore frogs, but who doesn’t? lol. I am sure many people get an ick feeling about them but that’s okay & anyways, it’s Halloween! I thought the witch’s hat on the frog was cute as well.

A nice, clean, simple card but I love it!


Link Up For Pink

October, as most everyone knows is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Do you know anyone who has gone through it? I made this card for my aunt who went through breast cancer and came out as a survivor!

I thought it would be nice to send her a card that celebrates where she was and where she is now! It was about 8 years ago when her journey started.

On the inside, it says “Hope” and then I have the poem titled “God Heals” printed. I am really pleased with the Cricut Cartridge Pink Journey, it is a beautiful one to have on hand for many different projects.

Me and many others from all over are Linking Up For Pink…Have you?

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