Start an Embroidery Business From Home: You CAN Do It!

If you are really interested in starting a home-based business that allows you to take advantage of your creativity, give embroidery a chance.

It can provide you an additional source of income, help you get those creative juices flowing, and make you an expert in your craft as well.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about cramps. Gone are the days when embroidery was done painstakingly by hand.

Now, you can get the same quality and results with a simple embroidery machine.

By using a machine, you can create intricate designs and patterns in less than half the time it would take you to do the same using your hands. A computer will do most of the work for you.

Start an Embroidery Business From Home - In My Craft Room

Embroidery Business Opportunities - What You Should Know

What’s great about embroidery machines is that they can add finesse and detail to almost anything you decide to sew.

Depending on the type of machine, size of the embroidery you need, software, and options you are looking for, be prepared to pay anywhere between $300 and $12,000 for a machine.

Some of these are designed solely for machine embroidery and not sewing, thus the price difference.

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Others that are a bit on the high end, such as the SE400 Sewing and Embroidery Machine (which is great for beginners), can do both. These machines usually have a removable embroidery unit so you can sew and embroider both.

So before you go shopping for a machine, determine your needs beforehand.

What is great about this business is that it is a thriving billion dollar industry that is only growing and for good reason. It’s pretty similar to painting but instead of a brush, paints and easels, you work with needles, thread, and an embroidery machine.

You can literally take any piece of cloth and create stunning needlework on it, transforming it from ordinary fabric to a work of art.

Plus, like heat press transfers, you won’t have to create products to embroider on. You will be working on finished products that just need that extra something to stand out.

This is why this craft has such business potential. You can just source the products from another business, work your needlework magic on them, and sell them for five times their original price and have fun while doing it.

These include:

  • Uniforms
  • Blazers
  • Caps
  • Shirts
  • Shoes
  • Boots
  • Bags
  • Cushion covers
  • Towels
  • Scarves
  • Bed linens

  • among other fabric-based apparel.

    What is common about these products is that they can be found in any household or office which gives you more business options.

    The list is endless and the possibilities are too. Place these embroidered products for sale online on Etsy, Amazon, or even eBay and get back the money you spent on inventory 4 times over.

    Here are some other great benefits that you can enjoy by opening an embroidery business from the comfort of your home:

    No Space Constraints – A single embroidery machine and even a commercial one can fit almost anywhere. Take the Avance 1510C for example – it’s just 2.5 x 2.5 feet so it pretty much just takes up the space a small end table does.

    The best part is that its size does not affect its usability.

    Low Supply Costs – Embroidery equipment such as needles, thread, toppings, backings, etc. are relatively inexpensive.

    Consider the fact that a single 5000 meter cone of thread comes for just $7, and you will realize how long you can work with it.

    Little to No Mess – Embroidery done with a machine or by hand does not include ink, which means there is little to no wet or staining mess to mop up.

    Low Startup Costs – You don’t need a massive budget or investment to start an embroidery business. A good, simple, and high-quality machine can be purchased for a couple of hundred dollars and this includes the software and supplies.

    When the revenue stabilizes, you can always invest in a more expensive and commercial machine later.

    Customers Galore – How many businesses in your vicinity need promotional polo shirts with their logos? With an embroidery machine, you will have a service that almost every business owner needs.

    Easy Upgrades and Trading – Believe it or not you can trade in an old embroidery machine for a bigger and better one.

    This will come in pretty handy (not to mention save a lot of money) when your business starts to expand.

    Different Embroidery Business Ideas...

    The sky is the limit to what you can embroider. Companies need logos personalized with initials as well as cases for business cards.

    You can also embroider notepaper to really get people interested and have confidence in your skills.

    Offer your embroidery services for the following types of businesses for example:

    Local Sports Teams – Little League baseball and football teams need new apparel regularly. This includes jerseys, jackets, hats, and even bags that need to be emblazoned with the team’s name, logo, and the name of each player.

    As you expand, you can move on to the bigger leagues which will need promotional merchandise and accessories for their fans.

    Corporate Wear – A number of retail businesses prefer that their employees wear apparel that reflects the brand they are promoting.

    These uniforms have to have the same design features, but since they don’t have the resources and equipment to make them, they outsource the job to professionals such as your embroidery business.

    Casual office apparel – Modern businesses are predominantly informal, and this includes the apparel that is allowed in the workplace.

    A casual and comfortable dress code means a larger creative license which, besides being branded with the company logo and brand message, can also sport more design options.

    This has three benefits – it can promote the business outside the office and give employees a dress code they won’t feel stuck in. Plus, personalized office wear can also go a long way in motivating employees, which is always good for business.

    All of this can be done with a simple embroidery machine that you can operate from your home.

    Besides, they may also place smaller orders for special occasions such as a golf event, a reunion or a special meeting. They may also order embroidered memorabilia such as designed shirts and hats for the families of their employees.

    Educational Institutions – Schools usually need a steady supply of monogrammed shirts/uniforms as well as blazers for the winter.

    This also includes special apparel for sports days, concerts, the school choir, school plays or school festivals.

    The benefit of working with such institutions is that they are easy to approach which makes them an ideal place to start.

    Ask your friends and family who have children who go to school or go directly to the teachers and administrative staff who are often the ones who are in control of such items.

    Churches, synagogues and other religious facilities – Special occasions such as bar mitzvas, baptisms and weddings are occasions that cannot be complete without personalized gifts.

    These can be anything from monogrammed napkins with the bride and groom’s initials, embroidered dresses for bridesmaids, custom embroidered baptism dresses for infants and other designs that can make an event poignant and special.

    Clubs and Gyms – Club wear has to be personalized to make members feel special. You can customize shirts, blazers, coats or anything else members can feel proud wearing.

    Some different types of clubs could be...

    Golf clubs, hiking clubs, swimming clubs, horse riding clubs you name it, the possibilities are endless once you start looking.

    Don't forget about gyms that wish to promote their services with monogrammed gym bags, socks and shoes (yes, shoes, why not!) or general apparel items - t shirt or polos.

    Check out the local gyms and clubs in your area and start making a reputation for yourself!

    Personalized Fashion – Besides looking at businesses, you can also sell your own embroidered products yourself.

    The most popular choice in this regard is personalized apparel such as shirts that have funny or meaningful quotes, hats with cool designs, table linen with custom flower prints or even laptop cases with embroidered names of the owners.

    Wrapping It Up...

    Whether you want to work with businesses, clubs, schools or other organizations, your own personal interests will drive your craft in the beginning.

    Ask yourself what you enjoy making, which designs you are good at, which designs you wished you knew how to make and use the answers you get to improve yourself.

    Combine those answers with market research on the businesses that need your service in bulk, hire assistants and you will have a good business plan in hand for your embroidery business.

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